Bluebeam, Inc.

Client: Bluebeam, Inc.
Project: Global rebrand
Role: Creative Direction / Strategy

Bluebeam Global Rebrand

Since 2001, Bluebeam has been changing the way the architecture, engineering, and construction industries work. Their flagship product, Bluebeam Revu, has ushered design and construction into the digital era. The company now has well over one million global users, with offices across the U.S. and a European Headquarters in Stockholm.

For years, the Bluebeam brand featured a dark palette, with black being a core color. Most audiences outside the U.S. and Canada found the dark look inaccessible, and the subtle wordmark made it hard for the brand to announce itself in new markets. When I joined as Creative Director in April of 2016, one of my first major tasks was rebranding the company with a focus on global expansion.  Our plan was to get rid of the darkness and "own the blue." We wanted our brand to be synonymous with a strong blue color which popped off the page or screen. We also needed our wordmark to stand out, to be more confident and bold, to proudly announce its presence.

We kept the logomark, our "B", as is, but tightened up the corners slightly for a more precise mark. This was the core of the new brand direction, focusing on a confident, approachable, and contemporary brand personality. As a result, the brand can comfortably straddle both technology and construction. On a hard hat, the logo feels like a construction company; on a tablet or app, it feels like a technology company.

The rebranding effort has been a big success both internally and externally. Customers have said the brand "feels grown up, but stills feels like the same Bluebeam" they've come to know, trust, and love. Internally, we've heard how much "easier it is" to work with the new assets and palettes, and how well "we stand out" at trade shows and other industry events.

We knew it was critical to avoid alienating our longtime customers with a rebrand that felt like a different company. We approached the project as an evolution rather than a revolution, and we’ll continue to evolve our brand, and our industry, into the future.



Logo Redesign
Old logo on the left (on black), new logo on the right. The new logo is far more readable and stands out from the crowd when it's placed in a logo quilt of "event sponsors" or tradeshow exhibitors.


New Colorways
The old Bluebeam brand was blue and black which, when we researched this wasn't compliant by today's standard. Our new colorways use the same color, but placement of the logo or text on color has been updated. The logo, and type within ad creative or collateral, is now blue on white, white on blue, black on white, or white on black. We've ditched the blue on black or black on blue. It feels more fresh, modern, and considerably more readable (and compliant). The wordmark itself is a customized version of TT Lakes which was made to feel more precise and angular.


Logo Animation
Bluebeam produces a ton of video content, both for marketing and for training purposes. We wanted a simple logo animation to use at the end of all videos and wanted it to be something that spoke to what our product does. We created a handful of different logo animations with the idea being we'll make specific animations for specific videos and/or markets. In a matter of seconds, these animations speak to our digitization of the building proces and resolves to our updated logo. The animations work well in any of our global markets. 


Business Cards
We swapped out the old black cards for our bold blue color and worked with our printer to develop a custom Pantone to ensure consistency across all our printed collateral. Again, the focus on readability and simplicity was at the core of the business card design decisions. We also edge painted the cards in our custom Bluebeam blue.

bb-website-1920bb-website-1920 website redesign
This was arguably the largest part of our brand overhaul. Our new responsive site is translated and localized for more than a dozen markets including, but not limited to: Sweden, Norway, Korea, Australia, and the U.K. In keeping with our core brand decisions, the site is far more readable with a considerably more simplified color palette. We worked with the awesome Dan and Nathan from DKNG Studio who created the original illustrations for our site. There's a full case study on the website redesign coming soon. Visit the redesigned


Global Advertising Campaign
Our Q1 2017 global advertising campaign was an opportunity for us to reannounce the brand in markets around the World. In the past our ads had been dark, mysterious, and copy-heavy. For the rebrand we focused on photography from offices and jobsites to show Bluebeam Revu in use within appropraite environments. We introduced the new core Bluebeam blue in the campaigns with shorter copy, and switch from Avenir to Roboto Bold for a punchier headline. 
Images above: Outdoor advertising - office focus, magazine advertising - jobsite focus (with new Bluebeam mug), magazine advertising (Swedish).


Hard Hat Stickers
Our old logo got lost on hard hats, which are usually covered with mutliple stickers. The updated logo fits right in and stands out at a distance.


Global Rally Cross
Bluebeam has been sponsoring Global Rally Cross since 2010 and this year our name and mark stood out like never before. Here are a few shots from showing our new branding on suits and cars. The dark blue cars are used for the North American circuit, the light blue cars are used on the European circuit. 

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Make the Logo Bigger
For our annual user conference, Extreme Conference, we covered the JW Marriott at LA Live with Bluebeam (and conference) branding. This logo, which lit up the JW Marriott's lobby, was about 30x30 ft. 

Broadcast Package
This is a short selection from our extensive graphics package. This selection shows titles, captions, and lower thirds all continuing the themes of bold typography, strong blues, and a focus on readability. 


Design Credits
This rebrand took a village and I want to credit them here. This is an outstanding group of creative people who I am learning so much from each and every day. A huge shout out to Andrew Hall (pictured above), Senior Designer at Bluebeam, for leading the branding overhaul and the creation of our new logo. 

Design: Andrew Hall, Alex Smith, Max Murillo
Front End Development: Ara Abcarians, Vincent Ramos, Brad Yau
User Experience Architecture: Andrew Richardson
Video Production: Kristal Kamholz, Ed Mann (who made our new logo animation), Heather Bruce, Stephanie Shyu, Justin Hearn
 Project Management: Michaela Kee
Copy/Copy Editing: Jill Fehrman / Samantha Finken

 Original Illustration for website: DKNG Studios