Media Temple Account Center

Client: Media Temple
Project: Account Center redesign
Role: Creative/UX Direction

Media Temple Account Center redesign

For more than nine months, my team at Media Temple has been hard at work redesigning the Account Center which is the administrative portal of Media Temple. It's the daily lifeline for more than 150,000 customers. The Account Center hasn't been updated in about eight years. My team, led by Ian Moersen (UX Manager) tackled this beast of a project. This aggressive first phase modernized the code on the more than 400 page Account Center and made the entire system mobile responsive. We updated typography, layout, iconography, and limited workflow. In our next phase, we've began improving workflow in some of the more popular sections, including a complete overhaul of the "community" section (our self-help portal). I wrote a blog post about it over on the Media Temple site and I did an interview with The Whir about the redesign. It was a hugely collaborative project between UX, Support, and our customers.

UX and Front End Development by: Ian Moersen, Ara Abcarians, Mike Murray, Justin Young, and Erik Reinert. UI and Visual Design by Ryan Morgan and Maggie Tielker. Copywriting by Justin Anderson.