Media Temple videos

Media Temple videos

My first hire at Media Temple was a talented Video Producer named Levi Obery. He and I have spent the last three years making more than 60 videos ranging from promotional campaigns to product video to paper puppet shows. We've won more than a dozen awards for this work and, more importantly, helped transform Media Temple from a faceless technology company into a people-friendly brand. Here are some of my favorites.

"Rise and Shine"
In alignment with our redesigned site, I worked with my team to create a short film about Media Temple. I wanted this to stand out from all the other about videos out there, with wacky shots of office hijinks, parties, and talking heads. What we created gives an inside look into a company that had really never opened their doors to show off what's inside. What's inside are talented people that are just like you and me, who are here 24/7/365 to make sure our customers succeed.

Cinematography and Editing by Levi Obery. Script by Justin Anderson. Voice Over by Noelle Kessler. Music by Michael Sempert.

"Recruiting video"
Our updated recruiting video which tried to appeal to the kind of people we'd want to work with. Keeping in line with our "Rise and Shine" video, we stayed away from any kind of talking heads and focused on the fun, quick-paced enivornment that is also uniquely Media Temple.

Cinematography by Levi Obery, script by Justin Anderson, voice over by Noelle Kessler.

"Media Temple X Google Apps"
Cinematography and Editing by Levi Obery. Script by Justin Anderson. 

"Future Insights Live - Fly Away"
As part of Media Temple's Future Insights Live sponsorship, they were sending one lucky customer to attend the conference in Vegas. To promote Media Temple's involvement in the conference and the fly-away itself, my team created an Instagram "choose your own adventure" movie. The story featured my Creative/UX team and our adventure in getting form Los Angeles to Las Vegas for the conference. Each day, for a week, we released one 15 second via Instagram. At the end of the clip followers were able to comment "A" or "B" and choose which path our team would travel. The video above is a combination of all five days worth of videos, including the winner arriving in a limo.

Cinematography and Editing by Levi Obery. Script by Justin Anderson. Illustrations by Eleonora Marton.