Reaction Commerce

Client: Reaction Commerce
Project: Brand Identity
Role: Creative Direction / Design

Reaction Commerce brand identity

Reaction Commerce is a next-generation ecommerce solution that is a completely open source, javascript platform. There isn't anything similar to it in the market right now and it's being adopted by a global audience at a frenetic pace. I was asked to create a timeless, yet modern, identity for the brand which could extend across many touchpoints and International borders.

The process began by looking at what every other ecommerce solution is doing out there and noticing quickly that all of their branding included dollar signs, shopping carts, bags, and predictable commerce iconography. One of Reaction's big selling points is their analytical features and, for internal recruiting, their laid back "beach" culture...they're right on the beach in Santa Monica. This led me down a path of creating, what came to be known as, "flow lines."

This elegant shape immediately stood out. It felt familiar, yet unique. It felt classic, but still modern. It also worked in any color we tried in just about any application. It sounds like an easy decision and I think the shape looks effortless, but it was probably something that appeared after sketching close to 600 logos. 


This photo above is from the Rapt Studio site. It's been used to show how the logo would work in an office space. 

The Sights and Sounds of Commerce
Video production and editing by Levi Obery.