Smile Frozen Goods

Client: Smile Frozen Goods
Project: Branding/Packaging
Role: Brand Development/Design

Smile Frozen Goods
Kevin Hockin, co-founder of Boxed Water, is the man behind Smile. He approached me with an interesting ice cream concept that consisted of collaborating with brands and restaurants to create unique one-of flavors for their shops. In addition to this, he'd be purchasing a small fleet of trucks (utility carts) for special events. I created a logo and identity system that was fun, modern, but felt like an established classic. My rough hand-drawn sketch of a happy, smiling logo was vectorized to perfection by Drew Melton. Our collaborative packaging is simple yet effective, a step and repeat of the Smile logo sits behind a bold box featuring the partner brand or restaurant. We desperately wanted to avoid using any plastic, so we constructed the packaging using white butcher paper which is silkscreened. The website offers the latest truck locations and color coded flavor squares which are updated as flavors change.