Official SXSW Interactive Closing Party Posters 2012-2016

Client: Media Temple
Project: SXSW Poster design
Role: Creative Direction

SXSW Closing Party Poster design

For the past six years, Media Temple has sponsored/presented the Official Closing Party of SXSW Interactive. It's the last big event of the Interactive portion of SXSW and is the bridge between the Interactive and Music Festivals. The show always takes place at Stubb's BBQ and has featured everyone from The Foo Fighters to DeadMaus to TV On The Radio. Each year, I have the priveledge of concepting the poster for the event which allows me to also work with an illustrator or designer of my choice on the design. It's possibly my favorite project of the year and I thought it would be worthwhile to showcase the work here.


The Official SXSW Interactive Closing Party 2016. Design by Studio Muti. The idea was to show all the possible characters and scenarios that generally exist in classic Western films.


The Official SXSW Interactive Closing Party 2015. Design by Drew Melton. For 2015 we chose to do something completely hand-lettered and monochromed, which felt classic and workman-like. 


The Official SXSW Interactive Closing Party 2014. Design by DKNG Studio. The artwork for this event was a continuation of the illustrative sci-fi theme we had introduced on our newly redesigned version of It worked perfectly with the out-of-this-world line-up of stars for the Def Jam 20th anniversary.


The Official SXSW Interactive Closing Party 2013. Design by Dan Matutina. Dan's dark, electronic, and chiseled work was a great match for the pairing of Deadmaus and Richie Hawtin. The simple palette was a breath of fresh air in the otherwise crowded, overly colorful, web 2.0 choices for all the other posters that year.


The Official SXSW Interactive Closing Party 2012. Design by Roxanne Daner at Ludlow Kingsley. For the first poster we wanted to do something minimal, hand-made, and unpredictable as far as our brand was concerned. Roxanne painted this beautiful poster which was spottable from blocks away.